For many years biometrics has been implemented in banks and high security areas.
With EKEY home we offer a biometric solution, both for private and company use.
Modern biometric systems capture fingerprints using a capacitive or heat optical sensor.

Ekey R products use linear-thermal sensors to provide greater resistance to handling and environmental factors.
Key points of the fingerprint are extracted from the image – known as minutiae – which are then transformed into a biometric key for further use.
The system does not store fingerprint images, but an encrypted binary code from which it is impossible to trace the original fingerprint.

As previously described, our product is characterized by different typologies for both template shape and measures, which is why the program and the range of measures indicated have both been certificated accordingly, the non-certifiable issues under this norm will be nevertheless certificated indicating the safety performance of the accessories used as well. The latter door configuration is realized with the same features (door leaf and frame) of the sample tested at the institute.

Door fingerprint reader with capacitive technology opening.

Limiting air opening

Hidden hinge system for PLUS.

Visible hinge for COMPACT system, rostrum safety system COMPACT and fixed threshold to the floor with thermal break profile.

Electrical contact door frame, to power the lock.

Integrated lock system with motorized opening.

Certified Lockable Diverters UNI ENV WK4.

Automatic mechanic closing Diverters UNI ENV WK3.